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Sustainability In Action

Sustainable development is an essential part of our business.

We believe we can make a substantial contribution to the environmental, social and economic challenges of our time while protecting, supporting and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.

Sustainable development is an essential part of Ausko Pte Ltd

Every member of Ausko believes that we can make a significant contribution to the environment, social and integrating sustainability in the frame work of our work processes that overcome long term challenges while protecting and enhancing our resources.

Collaboration to Create a Sustainable Future

Ausko has been in this business for the past decade and although there are more established players, we pride ourselves for forward thinking, with focus on sustainable resources, work processes and clean technology products that help create a suitable and sustainable environment for our partners and the environment. This means making changes that better utilise our resources such as workflow, operation and Standard Operating Procedures that not only reduces the impact of our operation on the environment but at the same time encourages our partners to embark on the same journey as us while continuing to earn healthy profits.

In fact, Ausko recognises that sustainability is the best way to move forward. That is the reason why Ausko has invested in clean-tech products such as SmartBin and Helios Solar Compactor Bins that not only reduce resources but at the same time enhance their operation sustainability through increased productivity and smarter work flow. By building partnerships to influence our stakeholders and partners adopt more sustainable practices; the ripple effect of influencing our partners has significant potential for achieving market wide sustainability.

Commitment to Sustainability

  1. At Ausko, we aim to always:
  2. Minimize risk to human health and environment by taking steps to eliminate injury and illness to employees and our partners.
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint by exploring opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. We strive to help manage partner’s carbon footprint by enhancing their workflow through our SmartBin solutions. By providing solutions to their current pain points, we are helping them in their long term endeavor and that is valuable to our partners and clients.
  4. Form Alliances with government, policy makers, regulators and industry associations to support the development of public policy that not only encourages better safety but also a smarter policy that revolves around sustainability and smart technology framework.

Sustainability is not a destination but an ongoing process. Ausko strive to explore and pursue areas of sustainability where potential of growth is present.

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