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Smart Bin

Smart Ultrasonic Sensors

Smart Sensors

SmartBin’s intelligent sensors act like a network of agents, informing you of their fill level via email or SMS enabling you to service only those bins that hit the threshold. No more overfilled bins!

Real Time Data

You will never look at your bins the same way again. Sensors fitted to your waste containers acting like mini computers which monitors fill levels in real time.

Advance Analytics

Smart analytics working behind the scene ensuring you know every detail of your bin performance and benchmark against the rest of your bins.

Robust & Scalable

Sensor management on the web sitting on secure cloud platform. Easily add as much sensors as your business need and our cloud platform grows with you, all for a flat fee. Access to your dashboard anytime anywhere.

Route Optimisation

Smartbin’s cloud-powered platform does all the route optimisation for you and assigning routes to your driver via Smartbin Mobile app. Plan before you go!

Daily Reporting

Receive detail email reports regarding bin fill levels, temperature, battery level and drastic change in bin locations. Easily export data into excel format.



A total solution for all manners of waste and recycling

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