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Introducing Ausko’s EKO Bin Range

Everyone needs a waste bin in their living space. With the rise of many cheap waste bins you can get from local retail stores, consumers are spoilt for choice. At Ausko, we take the quality of our waste bins seriously – this applies to outdoor bin and indoor bins that cater to your household waste bin needs. On top of the primary function of storing your household waste, one will choose the bin that look the best. It’s not easy to come across bins that looks good, durable and affordable at the same time. We will answer some questions that our customers posted to us in regards to EKO bins.

A bin is just a bin.

Definitely. A car is just a car too. However, there are popular choices where the masses voted on and by review that they are the best in class. I am sure many of you had bought something cheap and it breaks down a while later. The rest of us knows how frequent we need to replace this unit when it comes at such a low price point. Throughout the years in business, we had came across many types of step bins in retail shops but few had made past the 1 year mark. Basically they are not very well made due to poor quality materials and poor workmanship. The most annoying of all is the noise it makes when the lid closes.

Why do I need a higher quality bin?

Your bin has to withstand rigor usage. Did you know that a typical household access the bin at least 20 times a day? With you and your family/colleagues stepping on the pedal, opening and closing the lid at least 7300 times a year, only a good quality bin can cope with this demand and still look good at the same time.

So, what makes a quality step bin?

Features aside, the body of the bin should be made of high quality material. Avoid soft steel bodies as this will give way pretty soon. It should also include an inner bucket to prevent spills and for ease of clearing trash. Last but not least, the moving parts should be made of high quality stainless steel. The above points will ensure that your bins are good to go for a few years.

Tell us about EKO bins

We are delighted to launch this range in Ausko. With the current lack of good quality bins in the market, we believe EKO bins will pave the way for well built designer waste bins. The EKO bins are premium products that strikes a balance between quality and affordability. It is also packed with features such as soft-closing lids, fingerprint proof brushed stainless steel and smooth operating step pedals. It look so good in any living space that we can’t stop wondering how does a waste bin accessorise our dull office in an instance!

What’s special about EKO bins

We found EKO bins to be a great balance between functionality, durability and price point. Made of high quality stainless steel, they are processed to be smudge free, This means that you do not need to worry about finger print marks on common stainless steel bins that you find in your local stores. One feature that we are particularly fond of is the soft closing of lid. There are only a few manufacturers that provides soft-closing lids.

Are EKO bins worth it?

We have all been through this before. The $10 step bins you use for more than 20 times in a day, will eventually give way due to poor quality moving parts or deformed in shape after few months of usage. They are not very robust and not built to last. They have let us down unless we opt for the hard plastic bins which pales in the cosmetic department. EKO bins are made of high quality and high strength stainless steel which are also brushed-processed, eliminating smudges and fingerprints. Like most things, you are better off buying a higher quality bin which can last you for more than 3 years typically. Did I mention that it’s soft closing (silent) lid is a hit with office environment?

How many designs are there to choose from?

Ausko has 3 popular designs that has been selling well since we soft launch. A special mention has to be given to our sensor bins. EKO has researched and designed the sensor to operate at optimum level. You just have to wave your hand near the bin and it will open the lid. This is especially useful for kitchen and mums who need every help they need. Hygiene is therefore taken care of.

How do I clean this beauty?

You do not have to buy special cleaning agent to take care of your designer bin. It’s inner bin makes it easy to clean. Just warm soapy water for the inner bucket and quick wipe for the outside with a damp cloth. It’s that simple!

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